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jQuery Modal Video Plugin

Plugin util pentru inserarea clipurilor YouTube si Vimeo in site. Efect lighbox de deschidere a clipurilor. Avantaje: Nu este afectat de structura DOM Tranzitii elegante Accesibil din taste si readere Optiuni multiple pentru YouTube si Vimeo API
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How to use Instagram on your PC or Mac

Instagram is the most popular social media service in the world. Yet, despite this, the company still doesn’t offer a good method for desktop users to explore the service. If you don’t have access to a smartphone that runs Android or iOS, you’re typically limited to Instagram’s website. While there, you can browse images, peruse profiles, and comment as you please, but you cannot upload or edit photos. This is because the service wants users to take and edit photos in the moment, which means using your phone – at least according to Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.
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ZippList – The ultimate freebie list for creatives

Zipplist is a collection of websites for all creatives. Whether you are looking for photos, videos, icons, mockups, or patterns, you can find and get them from the websites listed in Zipplist for free. This makes Zipplist top of the list of must-bookmarked websites.
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